35 layer test on Ellie…

35 layer test on Ellie…

My Babylock Ellisimo Gold (Ellie) and I are getting to know each other.   Tonight, I decided to see (very carefully mind you) if she would pitch a hissy fit at an outrageous challenge…   I’m working with 33 fabrics from the S’more Love line by Moda .   I decided to make a sample palette of the fabrics from the selvedge edges.   If you know me, you know those selvedges to me are the best part of the fabric – but I’ll wait to turn them into something until after I get this quilt done.  🙂

Now, I’ve got 35 other fabrics pulled aside besides the 33 that make up the S’more Love line.

So kids… don’t try this at home… lol… but I put a Schmetz 100/16 denim needle into Ellie… and put all 35 layers under her footsie… set the stitch length to 3.5…. and turned the handwheel to make a couple of stitches.

Unreal!   It wasn’t hard to pierce the fabric layers with the handwheel  (almost gotta wonder if it’s like power steering in a car!!!) … so then I pressed the foot pedal and made another 4-5 stitches.

Then I put the other stack under her foot and did it again.. this time doing about 7-8 stitches – just enough to hold those selvedges together.   Chunk, chunk, chunk… went right through it with no hesitation.   Love it.

So I made two bunches of “palettes” of the fabrics that I’ve got ironed and stacked (and yes… they’re a pain to dig through) – so we’ll see if using the selvedges like this works for this one.

I’m also expecting to wind up wanting some other fabrics for the back of the quilt… or maybe something to use up all of these fabrics in some other project …  so being able to take these selvedges to the quilt store sometime to match up colors might come in handy.

Back to Ellie…   This machine sews soooo sweet.   It doesn’t feel like she’s muscle bound.. but giving her the chance to do this was a really neat surprise for me!   Now… I wouldn’t want to sew any mileage of 35 layers thick of some sort of weird project… but the point is, she didn’t get bound up, stuck, or even grumble at the task.

I’ve heard it a bunch of times:  that people think that the other “B” brand is the only machine with piercing power.   Humpf!

So because this is my blog and I can say what I want (unlike some of the forums where some mod will come unglued on me… ) … I’m calling bullshit on the idea that the Ellisimo – or the Brother/Babylock line machines  just don’t have guts.   🙂

Even when I had that little Brother SE400 (before getting Ellie) .. I though that was an AMAZING machine for the price!  If I hadn’t already gotten my granddaughter that Elna for her first machine, the SE400 would have been a better choice, in my opinion… because for about 1/3 of the price of the new Elna Lotus sewing machine that I bought her, the SE400 also could embroider as well as being a great travel machine.

For the record.. I was kinda surprised this worked.   I just didn’t want to tear the house apart looking for big binder clips or some other way to secure those stacks of 33 and 35 selvedges.  🙂