About Rip

IMG_0946Back in the 70’s, being the goofy teenagers that we were, a friend and I would always clown around (imagine that) in the home ec classes.

I still remember how MISERABLE it was to work on those oh-so-fashionable Singer machines back then!  My mom’s White, which I cut my sewing teeth on,  worked better at the time.

So in the true nature of trying to have fun, we would goof up the names of some things – and the one that, of course, we wound up using more often than we cared to, was the seam ripper.   I called mine the RipStitcher… for obvious reasons.

And here we are, 40 years later, and that junior high school friend in Minnesota and I are still good friends – and we still talk sewing frequently!  (Love ya, Terri!)

Today, while Terri’s sewing is usually fine couture in nature, I’m the goofball that likes screwy projects.

I’m known in some sewing circles with the nickname RipStitcher.   Imagine that.   Still Rippin’ after all these years! lol

I make my home in Colorado.  I enjoy the seasons here – especially the long stretch from early Spring until late Fall… because it’s fishing season!   I love the time on the lake with my son most of all.   We don’t get enough time, it seems, so the time on the lake with him is my time that I usually feel the highest level of joy in my world.

Life can be harsh … but if it weren’t for those incredible dark valleys, I don’t think the little joys in life would be nearly so sweet.    I digress.

I’ve got an 8 year old granddaughter that started to sew last year.   More on her later.  🙂

Like many people my age, I learned to sew to save money.  We made our kid’s jammies.  We made our own clothes.   Now, none of that makes sense to do, in my opinion.   But now, sewing has turned into a hobby and it’s not about saving money at all – omg *not at all* – anymore.  🙂

This site is my place to de-funk and share.   I hope you have fun with me… and I look forward to the new friends that come from the energy put into this place.

I’ve got some plans for this place in 2014…. stay tuned.  🙂

Thanks for bein’ here…

Sally   aka: Rip, RipStitcher

  • Linda Brumfield

    Do you make the bags and sell them?. If so, I would be interested in making a purchase. In the picture the bag looks bigger and the metal ring it’s on looks larger. Is the ring larger?

  • Susan

    Hi Rip! I’m so glad I came across your website. I’m still browsing but with what I’ve seen thus far, it’s really a winner. I am so looking forward to your Gypsy Wife quilt project. I love the design and your choices of fabric!

  • Dawn

    I didn’t want to post here but I couldn’t find another way to contact you. Is there a way for me to purchase the pattern for the Bionic Gear Bag directly from you? Thanks