DIY Gift: Microwave Bowl Potholder

DIY Gift: Microwave Bowl Potholder

It’s only January, but I’m thinkin’ unless some other shiny object/idea crosses my path, this is going to be one of my favorite gifts to give Christmas 2014.  I have a sinister plan! 🙂

First, here’s the glory of this simple little item:  It is microwavable, and it form fits to your favorite bowls.   Made of all 100% cotton components, this pot holder for a bowl goes into the microwave with whatever it is you’re heating up!   So when you go to remove that hot soup, cereal, or leftovers… you don’t have to fumble with the hot bowl!

IMG_2399As for me, over December, I gave away most of my Pfaltzgraff Naturewood dish collection to a friend that went ga-ga over them.   That pattern was a “comfort thing” to me when I bought them.. so pleasant and homey. I did enjoy them for about 10 years….     But I’m changin’ things up.   After a brutal 2013, I’m more into bright, happy colors.   So my game plan in 2014 is for my little treats/incentives to myself to be to move into Fiesta dinnerware.   By the end of 2014, I’m looking forward to seeing my kitchen full of Fiesta – with each piece being a token of a positive milestone in 2014.   If you don’t know, Fiesta has a long heritage – but went off the market for a long period of time before being re-launched.   It is made in the USA… and comes in all sorts of happy, anti-depressant colors.  🙂   It’s microwavable, too… my past Nature Wood wasn’t.

The Fiestaware bowl I’m showing in this post is called a “Gusto Bowl“.. it’s about 24 ounces big – so it is much deeper than an average cereal or soup bowl you normally find in place settings.    At the time of this writing, lol, this is the *only* piece of Fiesta I own so far.   Just one, happy, sunshine yellow bowl.   🙂


Anyway, when I saw this bowl holder idea just before Christmas on one of my favorite sewing boards, I was in the process of ditching my dishes… so I had to wait to make one until I got my first piece of Fiesta.

I dug around online and found many references to the potholders – it’s a great project even for beginners  – so I can’t take credit for this uber-awesome idea.   But, imagine this… I did modify it to suit me.  (are we surprised?!?! lol)    I didn’t particularly like how tall the ones I saw were – I thought if I made them a bit shorter, they could be used at the table with less chance of getting goobered up with spilled food (I have a messy family – how’s yours?)   So, I made mine shorter for this particular bowl – keeping in mind this particular bowl is a full 3″ high – so there is no need to have the bowlholder go all the way up those sides.

Because of the straight sides of these Gusto bowls, I made the darts a little deeper than what you would probably do for most cereal bowls.

So back to my idea for Christmas!   I like to play little pranks and surprises  – so when I saw these with the idea of them being gifts, three things came to mind:  1)  These need to be appropriate in color for the recipient; 2) they need to fit; (so you need to get one of the recipients’ bowls to pull off the perfect gift, right?!?!).. so 3) it obviously would be fun to “steal” a bowl just long enough to be able to make the gift – then gift wrap the whole thing together – their bowl inside the potholder when you gift it back to him/her.   Tee hee… how fun!

Favorite tools used in this project:

Gingher Rotary Cutter – Love this cutter!  In true-to-form Gingher Scissors quality , the Gingher blades seem to last soooo much longer than the life expectancy of my previous Olfa cutters.   And if you haven’t tried them, using Wonder Clips instead of pins makes these go together very quickly.    With Amazon Prime, I got these at a great price with free shipping.   I splurged over Christmas and ordered a second one to leave in my sew-in/class bag.

You can find the INSTRUCTIONS HERE.  <—– 1/12/14: Working on this right now… stay tuned for completion!