Gypsy Wife Quilt – 03 ~painter’s tape tip~

Gypsy Wife Quilt – 03   ~painter’s tape tip~

I should be working!  But here’s block #3. Both of the fabrics used in this block don’t come from the S’more Line.   I’m trying to make sure this quilt gets a real scrappy look… so I don’t want too much matchy-matchy going on.

Ask me later if I’ll regret that!  lol

I still need to buy this design wall from Amazon.   I’m trying to mix up the colors as I go along… but it would be nice to start placing these up on the wall so I can see if they are going to play nice with each other.


I’m sure all of you seasoned quilters already know this one, but I hadn’t seen it done quite this way – and I think it’s brilliant.  Saw it on The Quilting Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson, so I can’t take credit for this.   But dang, what a great thing.  🙂

By using some blue painter’s tape, it’s easy to mark an exact sewing line and an additional line marking an extended length of 1/4″ seam guidance in front of your needle.

painter tape sewing machine guide

This was super helpful when doing the diagonal stitching – because….  ::: drum roll :::  … all you have to do is steer the opposite point down that stitching line as it advances towards the needle.    Flippin’ brilliant.

diagonal sewing painter tape guide

Maybe I’m easily amused today… but I loved this little crutch.   🙂