Gypsy Wife Quilt – 05

Gypsy Wife Quilt – 05

This one, in the pattern book, is called Crazy Ann … And yes… it made me crazy.   I cut out those rectangular diagonals and sewed them twice… and I’m still not happy with them.

There’s nothing in the directions about how to do those rectangles… and either the pattern is messed up… or I did something wrong because I couldn’t get the measurements to come out right.

So this block is probably going to be my “spirit” block.  🙂

Back in my bead shop days, we had a thing called the “spirit bead”.   It was when you goofed up and later, you could still find the mistake in the finished work.   The idea was that the blundered bead was there to remind us that we’re all human and make mistakes.

If only quilt judges were so empathetic, huh?   🙂

It’s midnight… I pulled off three blocks today because I didn’t get as much “real” work done as I should have.  But dang, my soul is happy tonight – I just love spending time with that sewing machine with the smell of a little linen Best Press floating around. 🙂

Hope you had a pleasant day, too!