Gypsy Wife Quilt – 00

Gypsy Wife Quilt – 00

I suppose I should start at the beginning (even though I’ve already made 3 blocks!)  …In my head, when I’m looking for quilting patterns – before I break out on my own and attempt to put my own ideas to fabric – I have been trying to find some patterns that aren’t monotonous.  I know that lots of quilters love all that symmetry, etc.   But I like things to be funkier than that. Because I already have an appreciation for selvedge edge projects, the idea of doing something with more strips in it appeals to me.   So when I found this pattern, it was right up my alley…. Gypsy Wife by Jen Kingwell In another lifetime ago (it just feels that way), I had a great little camping trailer.   I want another one… so in order to get my ju-ju lined up enough to manifest it, I’ve been making lists of what I want and need for it… and I’ve started a little “hope chest” for it.   (Really, there’s no chest.. but there is one dedicated section of cabinets in my laundry room that has a stash of goodies in it already – dishes, silverware, & the like.) I’d like to have some fun linens & other fabric items included.    Heck… even if I buy a new travel trailer, I might consider gutting the fabrics out of it to funkify it ala RipStitcher Style.   🙂


With all of these ideas running through my head… when I ran into the Moda S’more Love designs, I just had to have them.   If you like them for something of your own, you better get on it!  This line came out in August of 2013.. and it’s now just early February of ’14 as I write this… and the fabric is already difficult to get.   And here I am… in beautiful Colorado…  Can you think of a more “campy” state than this?   And do you think the quilt stores here ever even stocked it?   HELL NO.   (Yeah, it’s my blog and I can say that!) .


I had to troll all over the internet to find some of it.  I found a good share of it at awesome pricing on, as well as some great border fabric on , and then a nice fat quarter bundle (it was so cute.. it’s hard to dismember those, isn’t it?) anyway… I scored that on eBay.

So now you can see what I’m up to. 🙂    The last pic…

Gypsy Wife detailThis was taken out of the pattern book.   The crazy gal that made this one actually hand stitched all of that quilting.   It’s really charming.  I love the look.

But me, hating hand sewing as much as I do, really gets drawn to the idea of getting a Sashiko machine.  If I do, it’s this quilt’s fault.

Next… I need to buy a design wall like this.   One of the gals in my quilting group had one at a retreat.. and it’s to die for.   With about 70 different fabrics involved in this quilt… I think being able to slap them up on the wall to preview the layout wouldn’t be a bad thing.   🙂

Stay tuned….

Rip 🙂