It’s Done! I have the Bionic Gear Bag pattern on Craftsy!

It’s Done! I have the Bionic Gear Bag pattern on Craftsy!


After a month of *really* hard work, I got ‘er done….

My Bionic Gear Bag pattern on Craftsy!

I also made a web site for it…with  a video showing the bag ~~~~HERE ~~~~~ .

I can’t believe ..  the brain damage I went through these last few weeks.  Omg… simple little “tasks” turned into major learning curve!

There was one day that I needed to take my pencil on paper drawing of the pattern piece and get it onto a PDF.   Sounds simple?   Ha!  That was about 3 days of learning curve.   I finally found a 13 hour course on Photoshop (I’m only 3 hours into it) and I would get up at 4 AM to have a couple of hours to try to learn that &%$@# Photoshop program.    I *still* don’t know how to draw a straight line in that program!

Then there was trying to get the images into the authoring program I was using.  Another 2 days shot there.  Unreal.

For the last 10 days, I really thought I was 98% done.  But that last 2% of the work took me 10 days to learn how to do it.. and seriously… I was getting up early and staying up late and working until my brain cells shut down every night.

I’m pretty pleased with it…   I hope you go visit the page.

I’m gonna try to have a full night’s sleep tonight,