Medium Scrap Container for Classes

Medium Scrap Container for Classes

I’m still dorkin’ around making little organizers and trash containers for classes & sew-ins.    (It’s sooooo hard to be fashionable at these things, you know! lol)

This one is being supported by a large, tall Cool Whip container.  The work is slightly taller than the container inside, but the container gives plenty of structure for the purpose intended – which is probably going to be to catch little cutting scraps at the cutting mat when I’m sewing anywhere but home.

I needed to cut the top 1/2″ or so off of the top of the container so the sides would be smooth.

I also had to make 3 vertical slits down the container sides and then squeeze the sides in to make a vertical container instead of it being slightly bowl shaped.

I was too lazy to make a special trip out tonight to get a super cute button for the middle of that selvedge edge flower – but this one is fine, I guess.   This button came off of a funky pink suit I bought at the thrift store with the only intention at the time was to rob the jacket of it’s fabric and buttons.

1/2" wide strips of denim from old blue jeans stitched down on craft fuse.
1/2″ wide strips of denim from old blue jeans stitched down on craft fuse.

The denim (old blue jeans) was cut into 1/2″ strips – then sewn down with a thicker cotton multicolored thread with a herringbone stitch to make the exterior fabric.

Here it is with the one I made last week….


I’m still going to make one more container… I’ve got a big, 2 gallon ice cream container (Schwans – they have nice size buckets!) … it will be the biggest one and probably be used for a wastebasket.