My New Sewing Room? (on wheels!)

My New Sewing Room? (on wheels!)

Screenshot 2014-06-19 05.27.27

Does this look like a sewing room to you?!?!?   LOL 

Rise and Shine!    lolAs I write this, it’s 5:30 in the morning here.   I need to go wake up the granddaughter in a minute or two – we need to get out the door and off to beyond the other side of Denver to go take a look at the motorhome I’ve got pictured here for all of you.

My lease is ending at the house I’ve been living in.  I have *loved* this house – but my landlord has been the worst ever.  I’ve hated dealing with her for the last 18 months.    Won’t bore you with details… but just know I could build a 50 page website with all that has gone on here and all that need to get fixed in this house!

The rental market here is brutal.  I really want to find a house to buy (I *thought* it was going to be the one I’m in!!!) … but right now, I’m just wanting to get some peace… have some time to create… and just enjoy the summer.    So the goal now is to be moved out of this house by the end of the month …and… I’ve been trying to navigate how to do that while still keeping my options open so I can buy the perfect house in the future.

So… at least as of this moment, I’m probably putting most of my stuff in storage, renting an office to do some of my work, and I have a place to stay at my son’s home as worst case scenario.   That’s all fine and good… but where’s a girl supposed to go to feel good an create?   LOL

So this morning, I’m off to go look at this type of motorhome.  I had a friend (Gary – RIP – you were the best!) who had one like this one.  The special thing about these is that the bed shares the same space as the living room area – it’s soooo cool – it  gets lifted to the ceiling during the day.  So the RV is at least about 8′ shorter than if you had a bedroom dragging behind you in the hind end.  🙂

The “living room” furniture can be removed easily… and I’m imagining a really great sewing space happening in there.   🙂

I have visions of just being able to roll to a different place to hang out for a day or two… or three or four.  🙂   After all, life is good.  I have my dogs, a coffee pot, mobile internet… and I’ll remodel this thing to be the coolest sewing area on wheels.

I better get running… but stay tuned.     🙂

Love you all,

Sally   aka: Rip