Never Ask Bri to fix Jeans

Never Ask Bri to fix Jeans

In 2012, I got Bri an Elna Lotus sewing machine for her 7th birthday.  Ever since then, her dad would bug her to fix his jeans.He’d say things like “It’s sure nice you have a machine, now Grandma doesn’t have to fix my jeans anymore – you can do it!”  (all in fun, of course!)

Well, the poor kid was worried about doing them.. and then (after hearing comments like this for about 18 months!) it started to get old.   So one day, when Joel was doing the same-o routine about her fixing his jeans and she was getting irked by it… I pulled her to the side.

I said, with an expression that let her know I was up to something: “Bri, if you do this right, you won’t ever have to do them again!

She was all ears!

I told her.. “Go tell him that you’ll do it.    When we get the jeans, I’ll help you.   What you’re gonna do is “girly” them up with whatever you want… like pink hearts, flowers, butterflies… whatever!”   (You shoulda seen the grin on her face!) … “If you do it right, he’ll never ask you to fix his stuff again!”

So the little twerp went over and kept up a good face when she told him she’d do it.   LOL

(Of course, Joel was “in” on it… I told him to send a pair of jeans that he didn’t mind us wrecking.)

All of this happened early in the week.   I pretty much forgot about it… but then Joel dropped Bri off here on a Saturday afternoon so Bri could hang with me while he and his tribe went out together that night.    As soon as Joel went out the door, Bri said “Grandma!  Look what I got!!!!” … and it was a pair of Joel’s jeans.  🙂


She was pretty excited about this…  when she would come here after school, she’d work on those jeans.

IMG_2306After she’d put the patches on, I let her loose on my machine for the first time so she could play with the decorative stitches.   She was implanting sparkly pink and red yarns – just having a good ol’ time.

Just before Christmas, she gave him the fixed up jeans – and she giggled so hard she almost couldn’t breathe at one point.

IMG_2309Of course, Joel played along beautifully – acting like he was a little miffed at her (all in fun – I told her to stand her ground – he didn’t tell us what he really wanted! lol )… but he still said he was going to wear the jeans on Christmas – and he did.   Bri was pretty proud of those jeans when they spent Christmas day – her dad wearing them –  at the other grandparents’ house.

Such simple things.. but such good times…   I love my family.