No Scratches on My Sewing Machine!

No Scratches on My Sewing Machine!

I was moving some fabric around in my sewing space this morning…… and came across this cute “Bobbins & Bits” fabric that I bought from recently.

I got a little obsessed after making the Microwave Bowl Potholders.   🙂    I’m even more obsessed with trying to avoid my sewing machines from getting scratched up.

And, being a bit weird in desiring things in my sewing space to be cutsey, I thought about a cute little jam jar I got from one of my clients for Christmas.   Because it came as a gift, I think those kind of objects bring good ju-ju to my environment.  🙂  So I kept it, and I’ve been keeping my little Clover Wonder Clips in it.

BUT… because the jar is obviously hard glass, I never let it bang around my sewing machine.   So this morning, I thought how cute it would be to doctor it up with a little “potholder” of it’s own so that it could live by my sewing machine…..


How cute is that?!?!  🙂

Keep in mind this little jam jar is about the size of a muffin cup.  LOL… so cute and little.   And the selvedge-edge looking fabric is right up my alley.   It turned out just perfect to hold the clips as well as the smallest little ruler I got in the Omnigrid Ruler Trio as well as sticking my Purple Thang into it.

I try to do as many tasks as I can without using clips *or* pins – like making the 8 darts in those potholders.   By using the ruled lines on my machine, along with that ruler, combined with having the painter’s tape down to extend my stitching line… well… I get away without having to pin while make the darts.    I still use the clips to hold the two sides together – they help greatly when attempting to match up seams perfectly.

I’ve been sewing for quite a while now with the coaster there on my sewing machine arm as a place to lay my Gingher thread snips .  By using the snips and keeping them on the coaster, it’s easy for me to snip the threads behind the foot – with the ability to be closer to the foot or between my jumper piece without wasting so much thread… and without risking scratching my machine.

If you haven’t used the Wonder Clips, I much prefer them to pins for much of what I do.   They even have little markings on them to help you get a 1/8″ or 1/4″ guidance on your projects.   On Amazon, you can get a package of 30 of them for about the same price that most retail stores charge for 10.

Last hint…  if you get used to using the markings on your machine and on the foot of your machine, you can often times avoid using pins as measuring marks.

Now keep in mind, Process Junkies like myself have more fun just playing with our toys than actually accomplishing anything!  So if you’re one of the Results Oriented types, you might not appreciate this whole post as much.  🙂

Have fun in your play…


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