Process Junkies vs. Results Oriented

Process Junkies vs. Results Oriented

When I owned a bead shop about 10 years ago, I came to realize that there are basically two types of crafters/hobbyists/sewists/knitters/ect:  You’ve got the “results oriented” type of person… and then there are the “process junkies”.

Here’s the differences:

Process Junkies:  A true PJ dives into the process of a craft usually for the emotional therapy of it all.   They *love* the process of whatever it is they’re doing.   The finished object is just a byproduct of their time spent enjoying their craft.   They (usually) could care less whether they finish anything – or not.   They enjoy the doing, not the finishing.   These are the kinds of people that have enormous collections of stash – yarn, beads, fabric, etc.   Oh… and the tools?!?!?   OMG!   This is where those of us that like to collect everything from knitting needles to sewing machines shine.   We like to play.   And of course, we need the toys!

To know if you’re a process junkie, just think back.   When you had new boxes of crayons or a new package of watercolors – what did you do?   Did you dive in and make a real mess of them?  Or could you be just as happy reorganizing your supplies and admiring them as if you were actually using them?   If it’s the latter, you’re probably the epitome of a process junkie.  If you dived in and destroyed them for the sheer joy of playing, you’re still a process junkie.

But if you agonized while creating…. well…. then… you might just be on the other end of the stick.  🙂

Results Oriented:   They buy *just* enough material to start and finish one project before starting another.   Those of us that are PJ’s have a very difficult time relating to this!   These results people actually do get things done in a very methodical way.

Now not to knock ’em, but from our perspective in the shop, we would see the RO’s get more frustrated when tackling a project – because they (sometimes) really didn’t even *like* doing the work – it’s just that they want the finished object!  (another thing a PJ doesn’t understand – lol)   But the Results Oriented *will* usually get their project done looooooong before a PJ will – because they wanted the finished object like yesterday.   🙂

I’m a process junkie.   Big time.

I don’t care if I have 20 projects started.  I don’t care if any of them ever get done (usually – lol).  I *really* don’t care when someone near me makes a jab at my stash of yarn or fabric or sees some unfinished thing around here and says “when are you going to finish that one?”   LOL…

I play when I want to play.   🙂

And sometimes… even for long periods of time… I truly find some joy in the act of being able to just admire the things that I *think* I’m going to get around to doing someday.     Can you relate?  lol

So now I’m bringing up a cute little 8 year old granddaughter and she’s seeming to have the PJ gene.   She manages to get something done once in a while… but I’ve told her that she never *has* to sew, but she should do it when she wants to have fun… and she can quit for the day whenever it’s not feeling like fun.

She smiles.


So we must be doing something right!

I find joy in the play.  So does Bri.   I hope you’re finding your joy, as well!