Rescue Bandana Fund Raiser

Rescue Bandana Fund Raiser

Just before Christmas 2013, I was invited to help transport a great little dog.

My granddaughter and I decided to make him a bandana to commemorate his freedom flight.   My 8 year old granddaughter does most of the embroidery on my Ellisimo Gold.  I help her a bit with setting it up and I do the final construction… but I think she’ll be able to do all of the work pretty soon – she’s becoming quite the sewist!

These bandanas turn out rather “bad ass” if I do say so myself!   They have a biker/tattoo quality to them, which, I think, makes them perfect for a dog that has just had a road trip to meet his new family for the first time.

A great embroidery design from - with a little personalization to commemorate Buster Brown's roadtrip to Colorado.
A great embroidery design from – with a little personalization to commemorate Buster Brown’s roadtrip to Colorado.

I’ve decided to sell these bandanas for $75 – with the purpose of the money going to A Better Way Rescue Transport  group to help other dogs go to their furever homes.    There currently are over 2,000 volunteers in that group that organize a relay to rescue and transport dogs that were on kill lists to their new owners.   The link above will take you to their Facebook page – please consider joining.

If you’d like a bandana like this for your own dog, I’d love to make one for you.   This was a rather large one, but we can scale them down to fit even very small dogs.

Or.. if you’d like to sponsor a dog’s rescue by A Better Way, the bandana will be sent to the volunteers involved in the relay to be proudly worn by the rescued dog as he meets his new owners.  All profits will help pay for fuel or other expenses that are incurred to get the dog across country.

I’ll be putting a paypal button on this page shortly, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in one of these, please email me at .

Whether you want one for your own furbaby or to send on to a rescued dog, your order is appreciated to help other dogs.   Thanks!