Sewing Machine-Side Class Tool Organizer

Sewing Machine-Side Class Tool Organizer

I’m admittedly a small-projects-putzer. …  It’s almost shameful how much time I spent on making this one!

My Class Sewing Machine-side Scissor & Tool Organizer
My Class Sewing Machine-side Scissor & Tool Organizer
My machine-side tool organizer for classes.  Selvedge edge yardage, upcycled jean seams for "piping", & structure reinforced with dairy containers.
My machine-side tool organizer for classes. Selvedge edge yardage, upcycled jean seams for “piping”, & structure reinforced with dairy containers.

Hint:  click on any of the pictures to see an enlarged detail.

It was one of those “I-really-don’t-wanna-do-anything-productive” weekend days!  To give you an idea of where this idea came from…  below is the machine-side tool “bowl” that I made and have been using for the past year.  I love-love-love this:

Machine Side OrganizerSewing Machine Side Tool Organizer The organizer above is simply two of those clothesline sewn bowls.  They were made with a home decorator fabric that loved to unravel – so they have a really funky texture with strings and edges hanging out all over.  As you can see,  inserting one into the other, the gap between them is perfect for pens, rulers, and straight scissors.

Personally, I don’t like the feel or sound of a hard scissors hitting the table, nor do I like tools rolling around and falling to the floor.   Moreover, I *love* that I can get a bunch of tools to *stay put* in a small area – you can see that I use a Gidget 2 table for my main sewing table.  It doesn’t have much tabletop room to the right of the machine!   Overall, this bowl setup has been just plain practical and enjoyable to use.

As you can see, I’m a scissor junkie.   I have several straight pairs as well as 3 more pair that are bent for applique or machine embroidery.

So back to the most recent incarnation…

I modified a 16 ounce sour cream container for the inside cup, and used an 8 ounce 12 ounce shallower one to structure & stabilize the outside cup of the organizer.


If you look carefully, I cut three slices down the side of the taller sour cream container and then overlapped them & taped it into shape – so that it would have vertical sides instead of being bowl-shaped.   I had already trimmed the lip off of the top edge of the taller container – and before I used the bottom one, I also trimmed the edge off of it, too.

I love selvedge edges… I’ve made quite a few items from the yardage I’ve created.  The humorous thing is: I keep trying to make some large pieces of yardage to create two sewing machine covers for my rather large machines!  Well… that hasn’t happened – yet – because I always come up with another project that requires I “steal” the fabric I’ve made.   So I still have nekkid sewing machines here.  🙂

When I decided to make a smaller organizer set to take to classes (I still am going to make two more items – so all three with nest into each other for transport) … I wanted to put piping on the top to trim out the object and give it a more finished look.   I’ve used piping before… but this time, there was a pair of jeans that were already destined to be upcycled into wejjies (more on that, later) … so I decided to rob the jeans of their side seams to use as “piping” on the top edge.   It was a bit of a hassle – but I love the way the finished item turned out.  Here is a picture of when I auditioned the idea:

IMG_0940I just folded over a piece of selvedge edge yardage and placed it over the jeans edge that I had already cut & pressed into submission.  🙂    Looks cool, doesn’t it?

The rest is history.   I’ll have to make that tutorial when I make the slightly-improved-next-one.  🙂

This little organizer has been sitting on my kitchen table for the last week or so… without the tools in it… and it’s funny how many of my friends that have seen it say “I want one!”   lol… it’s funny when I ask them: “What are you going to use it for?”   and they all say:  “I don’t know!”.  LOL    Then, when I show them the picture on my phone (the same one at the top of this post) that shows it filled with tools & scissors for classes, then they *really* want one – even though most of them don’t sew.   I guess it could be a fancy pencil cup, huh?

– Rip