The RipStitcher #Sewmobile on Instagram

The RipStitcher #Sewmobile on Instagram

OMG… life has been chaotic!  But lookie what I bought! To catch everyone up a bit…   I was shopping for a “Plan B” place to sew.    Without going into all of the drama surrounding my current move (that is against my will!) …  let’s just say that I’d rather shoot myself than move into an apartment.   I need to find another house to buy, and I’m (so far) not willing to sign up for a year at a time at apartments that have zero flexibility in letting a person out of their lease if/when I find a house to buy.   Add to that, a 2 bedroom apartment that would allow my dogs, give me a garage, (and make me miserable!) is about $1,600 a month here.  Let’s just say after having a *very* comfortable home at $1850 a month, I’m not willing to cough $1,600 and hate every minute of it.

So I’m selling off heavy furniture (my kids are going to kill me if they have to move too much stuff again!) , I’m moving some stuff to storage, then making one sleeping/sewing space at my son’s home… but I still need some space of my own… so I bought the “Plan B” just a couple of weeks ago.   I drove it down into a membership RV resort near my home just before the 4th.   My granddaughter and I spent 4th of July weekend there.. and we’re back down here again this weekend.

The first weekend was hell.   Cleaning up this old beast (she *is* amazing, however – 20 years old with a killer diesel engine and tranny – with only 9,000 miles on it) .    Anyway… I shopped and shopped and shopped for an RV that would accommodate my sewing studio stuff.   This is it!   So here she was when I got her…

IMG_3518This is the view looking from the kitchen (in the middle of the bus) to the front, obviously (see the steering wheel?  🙂  ) … That blue chair on the right had to go in order to move in my sewing things … It took some serious cleaning… but look how much stuff I got into her…..

IMG_1334I know.. it looks a little crazy… but really, it’s pretty nice.  It’s like having a cabin 20 miles away from home to run away to!

I have a 2’x4′ folding table set up right behind that passenger front seat… then my Gidget 2 sewing table is along side the window… then another small folding table with an ironing mat still works well on that wall.   What you can’t see is yet another shelving unit that holds 4 of those 12″ fabric cubes … plenty of room to hold more fabric, etc.   Also, right behind the driver seat (space between that sofa and the driver seat) is enough room to hold one of those huge ThirtyOne tote bags, my computer tote bag as well as another ThirtyOne tote.   There’s room under that folding table, too.

I’ve got one of my computer printers on the dash!  LOL   (I needed it for the Bionic Needle Organizer Wallet pattern that is almost done – there’s freezer paper/cotton fabric printing involved on that one)

It’s actually divine spending time here… there’s a great pool & playground for the granddaughter… and even a fishing lake.

I haven’t tackled figuring everything out about the bus – yet.   I haven’t figured out where the water pump is – so being hooked up to water fixes that.   Then, I was so glad pulling into this resort the first day (nobody got hurt – I made it here in one piece – no vehicle damage – lol)  … anyway…   I forgot to pull up and get propane before parking … so no hot water – yet (but there’s showers here.. and I can heat hot water for dishes, etc) …

The first day – silly me – I tried to be a hardcore camper and get by with Folgers instant coffee in the morning.   Stupid move.   I splurged and bought a new Keurig coffee maker for home and I moved the older one into the bus.  🙂   Life is good.

And by the way, I’ve become a real fan of Instagram (and remember… I got hauled there against my will by all of the haters of Camp Demented back in April!)   I kinda *had* to participate over there… you know… keep your enemies closer kind of thing.  🙂    There’s more pics on Instagram… please follow me (RipStitcher) over there.   And.. even if you’re one of the haters… yeah… I know you all are still stalking me – I’m still watching you do your best to find fault – I think you all should come on over and get to know me and maybe someday you’ll all figure out how badly you screwed up.  🙂

That’s enough for now… I’m going to fire up my sewing machine here in the #sewmobile and get a little work done tonight.

Until later…..