The Great Craigslist Acquisition of 2012

The Great Craigslist Acquisition of 2012

Really, I just went to buy a few books…. lol…. Seriously.  I found an add on Craigslist for about 20 primo quilting books for $40.  It was a nice day for a drive… so I stopped by the ATM, pulled a few bucks out, and got to the destination to get the books.

When I got there, the woman had 11 *huge* bags of quilting cotton on the floor of the garage – surrounding the box of books that I came to pick up.     Wowsers!   I asked her if she was quitting the whole sewing hobby or what?   She said no… that instead, she was going to be moving soon and decided to get rid of any fabric that she didn’t have at least 5 yards of!    omg!

I asked her “How much do you want for the fabric?”   She said:  “Oh… $5 a bag would be OK.. and you can pick through at get the colors you want, if you like.”     omg again!

Now mind you… these were big bags… the kind of bags they use at department stores for heavy sweaters and such.

I gave her $60 and took all of it.   I figured that between Bri and myself, we’d have some fun for a while.

The first task was to spend a weekend with the pile and steal all of the selvedge edges off of the yardage.

Most of the fabric is traditional…  not really my cup of tea… but it’s been nice to find some things that have worked well in the pile for certain things.

So the picture is of my sewing “store” (it’s really the wet bar room just off of my family room – but hey – I don’t really drink and can’t appreciate that room for anything else but holding sewing stuff!) … almost all of the fabrics you see on the shelf were in that batch I bought from this very kind woman.    And *some* of the selvedges that I’ve been stashing are hanging on that back wall.

Now mind you… I still have two more HUGE Rubbermaid bins that are holding more of the fabrics from that day… but it’s just too overwhelming to have to spend another day or two just organizing it all.   So one bin is at the door of that “store” of mine… (you can see it plump full at the bottom left of the pic!) …  and every time I walk in there, I grab one more chunk of fabric… usually have to re-fold it… and then file it away on the shelves.

photo3One of these days, after I finally find my niche in the quilting/sewing world (is that ever gonna happen?) and I figure out what fabrics I will probably never use, I’ll have to take a bunch of these off to a charity that does quilts for kids or seniors.

There’s seriously a few thousand dollars worth of fabric that I bought that day for $60.

Oh.. and the books… they’re wonderful, too.   I’ve had my fun with most of them, so I’m donating a bunch of them to my local quilt group at the next meeting.

Other people take vacations… while I am lucky to just have a few hours to play in my stash.    Life is good.  🙂

Until later…