Zippered Pouch Exchange

Zippered Pouch Exchange


One of my sewing groups is doing an exchange this month.  The task is just to make a zippered pouch to trade.   (Click on any of the pics to enlarge them) IMG_2785Obviously, I went a little overboard.  🙂  I made tabs over the zipper ends, and added a gusset to the bottom.  I had some selvedge edge scraps to use up (kinda getting to be my signature pieces)  – I had three little pieces, to be exact.  All small.  Not any two of them would have made a decent little pouch, so I made one more piece of embroidery to add to the mix…. IMG_2784 I love the designs from .    Here’s a better pic of the zipper.   (or as they would say on The Great British Sewing Bee show:  the “zip”.   🙂   ) IMG_2786I used two of the different zipper feet in my arsenal on this one.  LOL    I had the single hole needle plate on (and was too lazy to want to change it out for this project) .. so I had to switch feet a few times to be able to get the stitching where I really wanted it to be.

I have to show you this extra foot I bought off of eBay….


It’s a cheapie!   Not made the best… but hey… for about $7 or $8, what do you expect?!?!?    🙂   The only thing I don’t like about this foot is that the screw in the back (to adjust where you want it’s side position to be) doesn’t have a screwdriver slot.   And.. if you buy a foot like this… just be careful.   I noticed when I lowered my presser foot down the first time, I didn’t have the screw as tight as I could get it – and the foot pushed forward a little under the pressure.  It went forward far enough that if I had tried to sew with it that way, the needle would have slammed into the foot right in front of the hinge.

I’m not a fan of the big, fat feet that are common on all of the new machines.   So when I was bellyaching on this subject on, one of the other users there (AngieRose?) steered me to this foot!  So I went on a hunt to find it.    In perpective, here it is next to the official skinny zipper foot that came with my machine:


The one on the left is still much skinnier than the ones that tend to come with our new machines.   Also, notice that there is only one bar to attach it to the machine.   This means that you need to decenter your needle if you use this foot.   At the time of writing this, both of these feet could be found on Amazon.   But the one on the right comes and goes and is a little more difficult to track down.

The selvedge edge fabric is rather thick, so getting the corners to turn, etc is a bit of a challenge.   The Ellisimo did great. And the backside….



I hope whoever gets this one enjoys it.   (I’d kinda like to keep this one for myself!)